Other Plants

Tender, fragrant leaves are a must for tomato sauces and salads. Flowers can be used too.
Height: 12-24"​  Text and picture from HPS Seeds.

A fragrance and flavor all its own - sweet and spicy, with anise overtones. Large, lush, tropical leaves 3 to 4 inches long, on sturdy stems. Shoots can be harvested for 4 months or more; plants flower later.
Height: 28-36"   Text and picture from HPSseed.

A wonderfully unique cilantro featuring finely divided, feathery leaves. Flavor is sweeter and milder than other varieties which can sometimes be overpowering. Much less prone to leaf blemish issues and is slow to bolt. Excellent additions to salsas and salads, even makes a pretty garnish.  Text and picture from HPSseed.

Attractive light green, ribbed cucumber that grows huge fruits up to a foot and a half long and four inches in diameter.  Picture from Hazzard's.

"Historic favorite among home gardeners, 6" monoecious, 57 days"  Text and picture from Hazzard's.

A very desireable hybrid burpless cucumber.  Yields dark green, smooth, foot long cukes that are bitter free.  You should expect to start harvesting in about 60 days.  Picture from Hazzard's.

Bush Pickle plants produce straight, dark green 4" fruit. compact plant,  Does well in containers.   Use for pickles or fresh eating starting as soon as 45 days after planting.  Picture from Hazzard's.

A new hybrid English like burpless, bitter-free, thin skin, shiny green smooth skined fruit that reach 10 x 1" fruits that resists CMV, scab, and mildew.  Production begins in about 60 days.  Picture from Hazzard's.

A dependable hybrid  that yields dark green 9" fruits with a sweet mild flavor in about 70 days.  Resists mosaic viru and mildew.  Picture from Hazzard's.

Classic pickling cucumber, both is size (up to six inches) and looks (rough skined).  First yeilds as early as 54 days after planting.  Picture from Hazard's.

This hybrid cucumber is very early, burpless, totally non-bitter with mild, sweet flavor.  Yields 12", dark green fruit with white spines in as few as 48 days.  Vigorous, very disease resistant, plant.  Picture from Jung Seeds.

Tasty Green hybrid cucumber Can be grown in hot, humid areas and has strong tolerance to Mosaic Virus. Slim fruits are 10" by 2" with dark green skin and small white spines. Bitter-free and burpless. Image

Round to oval-shaped, fruit that grows two to three inches in length, fruit often has a protrusion at the blossom end, somewhat like a navel orange. Color starts light green, lemon-yellow to golden yellow as it ripens. The mild, pleasant taste is complemented by a cool, crisp texture.

"Blocky, medium-length (3-5") fruits are good for fresh eating. They pickle well and have a distinctive, bright emerald green color. Vines are compact, multibranching, and yield well even under stress. Half normal-sized leaves provide easy visibility and harvesting."  Johnny's Selected Seeds  More info

"Amazingly beautiful lavender-streaked fruits are 6-8 inches long, elongated teardrop shaped. Flesh is tender and mild, snow-white and bitter-free."  rareseeds.com

"Standard old type, large black fruit of excellent quality. Very tasty but is lower yielding and much later than many types and needs a long season."  rareseeds.com

Medium size, very attractive, smooth ivory-white fruit that have a very mild mushroom-like flavor. Prolific plant. Fruit ripens early. An excellent variety for specialty growers and gardeners""  radreseeds.com

"One of the most popular heirloom types; this one has 7”-long fruit that are white with lovely bright purple stripes. They are so beautiful and have fabulous flavor with sweet, tender flesh. This excellent variety hails from Spain, a country that is renowned for fine food. "  rareseeds.com

"Small, purple-black fruits are produced in clusters on sturdy, compact plants. The blunt-ended fruits may be harvested when finger-sized, but may also be allowed to grow larger with no sacrifice of their mild, sweet taste and tender texture."   rareseeds.com

"Charming, single-stemmed plants yield green fruits to 3 ½ inches long, 3 inches in diameter. A new introduction grown from seed sent to us from the former Soviet Union. Try this in cooler-summer climates."   rareseeds.com

"Colorful, light pink-lavender fruit with white shading. Rich, mild flesh is very popular with chefs and gardeners alike! No bitterness. A great variety for heirloom market growers. Grow the color that sells! "   rareseeds.com

Uniquely different than Greek and Italian oreganos, Cleopatra has a mildly spicy, minty flavor that is perfect in Mediterranean dishes, soups and sauces. Pretty, silver-gray foliage also has an ornamental flare that will not go unnoticed. Compact, trailing plants produce high yields of leaves that are wonderful as a dried spice when fresh is no longer an option.  Text and picture from HPSseed.