When I saw this one featured in several catalogs, I figured I had to have it. It certainly fits the "unusual" category. One of the largest saucing/paste tomatoes I've found, it is a squat pear shape, measuring almost 4 inches. The dense flesh in nice, but they say it also has better flavor than other sauce types. Add the orange/red skin, and you have a real eye and mouth catcher.  Picture from Territorial Seed Company.

"This beautiful bi-colored heirloom tomato is distinctive among other yellow and red varieties because of its pastel coloring. It matures to a soft shade of pale yellow painted with subtle striping of light red. The 12 oz. slightly flattened fruit has delicious, rich flavor with nuances of tropical fruit that suits it well to simple salads or slices with only a light drizzle of dressing." Tomato Growers Supply

The picture on Marrianna's Heirloom Seeds web site was too beautiful not to try.  This is how they describe it.  "Bred by Dean Slater for enhanced looks and flavor in an antho tomato. Mini striped 3-6 oz. indeterminate. Rich, sweet flavor, with a nice bit of acidity."

For my good veteran friend named Dana. All I know about it is this brief descripton, "Bright red, 6 oz. fruits, acidic in nature." Pehaps if you grow this one, you will say a prayer for our men & women in the armed services each time you notice it in your garden.

"Daydream is a large, smooth round to oblate red tomato from Australia. ... I was impressed by the perfection of the fruit. ... The flavor was that of an honest-to-goodness BLT sandwich tomato. You know when you eat that sandwich that you have a homegrown tomato inside, full-flavored without sourness or any odd lingering notes on your tastebuds."  Bunny Hop Seeds 

Click here for picture and more information.

Requested by Debbie. She told me it was "the best tomato I've tasted". Great taste combined with early ripening and all season production should make this perfect for salsa lovers, but it should also be great for salads and omlets.  Picture from Peaceful Valley Garden Supply.

"Huge red fruit is smooth, nearly solid, and often weighs more than 1 lb. Excellent flavor, tiny seed cavities, and very little cracking." Tomato Growers Supply

Featured by Al's Garden Centers in 2009, I grew it and saved the seeds. It was promoted as rather ugly but with outstanding size and taste. My results were large, but less taste than I had hoped for. But worth trying, if you did not try it last year.

"Bulgarian heirloom first offered to SSE members by Carolyn Male. Translates as 'friendship.' Round 4" fruits are slightly flattened and blemish-free. Heavy set of smooth red fruits. Good flavor, sweet but tart. Deserves to be used more as a main-crop red tomato."  Text from Seed Savers Exchange.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"'Dwarf Beauty King' is a very productive rugose, regular leaf dwarf-type plant. Its fruits are medium sized, oblate shaped, smooth skinned, and red in color with vertical, gold striping; truly beautiful. As an added bonus to their beauty, they offer a rich, balanced flavor.​"  Text from Victory Seeds.

"Plants are vigorous with rgose, potato leaves.  Teh fruits are medium to medium large (four to forteen ounces), smooth oblate and a deep orange color in and out.  The flavor sparkles with an ample tart bite and is quite intense, very much resembling one of its parents, 'Eibe'."  Victory Seeds

From "Dwarf Tomato Project" via Victory Seeds.  This four foot plant produces 8 to 12 ounce green when ripe fruit ripenig late in the season.  More info

"Mid-late season variety, treetype -- Fruits are smooth and oblate, ranging from 6 to 10 ounces, and are a lovely ivory color - though a pale pink blossom end blush developes on many of the fruit."  Victory Seeds

"A rugose, potato leaf dwarf that will reach from four to five feet tall by the end of the growing season, and produces variably shaped (round to oblate), smooth, bright yellow fruit in the five to eighteen ounce range.  The fruit have a well balanced, full, delicious flavor with particularly sweet overtones."  Victory Seeds

"Uniquely colored that are the first "black/orange" we've seen; Absolutely delicious, smokey flavor​."  Victory Seeds

"The smooth, 3-inch, round, uniformly ripening fruits are beautiful orange globes, typically borne in clusters of two or more. Flesh is firm, meaty and exceptionally flavorful." Tomatofest  Picture from Marianna's.

This highly desirable hybrid was off the market for a couple of years. I found a source on-line and am praying they are true. Many customers near me proclaim Early Cascade matures earlier and dependably gives heavy yields even in cool locatioins and/or seasons. Expect clusters of 7 to 9, medium-sized fruit, bright red and delicious for salads, sandwiches or canning.

"Finally a great taste in an early tomato! The 4 ounce red fruit grows in clusters and has a sugar/acid flavor balance not usually found in early tomatoes. The potato leaved plants offer excellent disease resistance and performs well in both coastal and dry areas."  The Online Greenhouse

Bob Woods brought this one to my attention. Early Doll may well give Moskovich and Stupice some competition. While it is determinate, so it won't produce all season, it promises to give us a very early taste of things to come. Some catalogs show 55 days to maturity! Reported to be packed with good flavor, the mid sized fruits (4-5 oz.) are a bright red and should really dress up early salads.

"This variety is indeed early, but its main feature is an abundance of really delicious, medium-sized fruits packed with old fashioned full tomato flavor, acid-tasting yet sweet. While most are about 8 oz., fruit can grow to 1 lb." Tomato Growers Supply

"Superb size, perfect shape, continous production, luscious flavor and broad disease resistance of the marvelous original. ... extra-large harvest of big, 8 oz., red, sweet fruits that are deep oblate to globe-shaped." Totally Tomatoes  Picture from Reimer Seeds.

"Early, bushy plant yields delicious, 10 ounce slicing tomatoes. Fruits are red, firm and plentiful." Seeds of Change

"A great extra early red tomato with good yields on short determinate bushes. Fruit set in clusters with 3 good concentrated flushes. All with good flavor & appearance." Adaptive Seeds

"Medium-large fruit that stay 'evergreen'. The large plants set heavy yields of these beauties having lovely lime-green color. The flavor is rich and superbly sweet. It’s one of the best." Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Terry and Carol agree, saying, "most prolific of the green tomatoes that we've tried." Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Huge yields of sweet, juicy round fruit that is delicious for salads, sandwiches, and a variety of other uses. Dark pink fruit is smooth and usually abut 2 inches across. Heirloom variety from Germany."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

What a beauty!   Regular leaf, unusual heart-shaped fruits with yellowish-green flesh and brownish-red exterior, medium to large size.  Look!

"The plants grow twelve to twenty eight inches tall, are tremendously productive, and produce fruit over a long period of time. The leaves interestingly curl up and inward. The fruits are very flavorful, weigh about three ounces, are globe-shaped and red in color."  Victory Seeds

I had to try this one because of the beautifully varigated foliage.  But I only purchased 10 seeds, so availability is very limited.  While the plant was descirbed in great detail, little was said about the fruit.  A picture of the fruit looks deep red with dark shoulders  So if you order it you will be taking as big a chance as I am. 

Click here for pictures and more informaton.

Linda wrote me, "We have always done well with Fantastic, and really liked their size and flavor. You haven't had them in a few years." So I have brought it back! The 3-5 inch, round firm slicers are reported to be very solid, meaty, bright red and rich in beefsteak flavor. Very high yielding.  Picture from Totally Tomatoes.

Several years ago, right at the end of the Spring Garden Fair, a lady gave me some seeds from Russia. This one really surprised my taste buds with a unique sweet, fruity, delightful taste. Compact plants gave an abundant supply of salad sized fruits. Master Gardners have rated it very high in two tomato tastings.

A very large, 3 1/2 x 5", 10 oz., red meaty paste tomato that is very sweet. Al (and anyone else), please compare this one to the hybrid Big Mama and let me know how you think they compare. Several folks did give me their comparison results and they liked Big Mama better. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks!  Picture from Pase Seeds.

"Beautiful 6-7" long paste tomato, rich full flavor unlike most other banana pepper-shaped tomatoes. Very few seeds, excellent for processing, especially good for salsa." Text and picture from Seed Saver's Exchange.

Several sources describe Fireworks as one of the largest, earliest red slicing tomatoes available. It's flavor is described as "excellent". This combination of size, earliness, and good taste is truly uncommon, its bright red fruit are 2 1/2 inches across, round with a pointed tip, and borne quite heavily on vigorous plants.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"A rosy pInk tomato that's a beauty to behold and tantalizing to taste. These chunky, juicy fruits burst with sumptuous, exotic, pineappely nectar. The vigorous, indeterminate plants yield flocks of 1 3/4 inch, oblong treats. ..." Territorial Seed Company  Picture from Gurney's.

"Also known as Jaune Flamme', these beautiful orange salad tomatoes are very juicy and have a good, sweet flavor with fruity overtones. Tomatoes weigh 2 to 3 ozs. and are a lovely persimmon orange color both inside and out. Extremely productive heirloom from France."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Florida Petite is similar to Red Robin in that it can be grown in a six inch pot.  The very compact plant produces thin skinned red cherry tomatoes.  Great for a sunny window indoor for a shut-in or on an office desk. 

Click here for image and more information.

Fourth of July sounds like a real winner for cool, short seasons. "Firm but juicy" they claim, so should be great for salads. And, at 2 1/2 inches across, this may be your first tomato to use on summer hamburgers.


"Prolific vines bear large, red cherry tomatoes with rich, full-bodied, mildly acidic flavor. Its outstanding color and flavor make this cherry variety one of the finest we’ve found in our trials. The healthy, vigorous vines need to be staked."  Text and picture from Seeds of Change

From "Dwarf Tomato Project" via Victory Seeds.  "This is a regular-leafed, mid-season variety that grows to about fur feet in height.  The purple fruit is striped with gold and green and averages five to six ounces.  Interior flesh is deep crimson and has a rich, blanced flavor."  More info

Geoff spotted these large pear shaped tomatoes and they looked very unusual, so I had to try them. Definitely NOT the cherry sized Red Pear! These are "beefsteak" sized and should be great for sandwiches.

Pattie in Sandy wanted Fresh Salsa so much she gave me the seeds late last year. The 4-5 ounce fruits are very firm even when chopped very small for salsa or salads. Good flavor and high yields on bushy plants.  Picture from Burpee.

New from University of Florida, test sample only.  "This plant is determinate, producing a large amount of elongated, red 2-25 ounce frouts over 5-6 weeks.  It's an early bearer with first fruits ripening 50-55 days after transplanting.

This is a test of a new developement at the University of Florida.  "This plant is ineterminate, producing large round red 8 ounce fruits right up to frost.  The first frits ripen about 70-75 days after transplanting.

"German-bred and prize-winning, producing long, grape-like, red, sweet, 3/4" fruits. Clusters of 6 to 12 sugar-sweet cherries are crack-resistant and bear until frost. Hardy vines require staking or caging."  Text from Totally Tomatoes.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Gary'O Sena is one of the best purple tomatoes I've grown. The flavor and production are excellent and it is one of the earlier purple beefsteaks to mature. Gary'O Sena is a cross of “Brandywine X Cherokee Purple” developed and stabilized by breeder Keith Mueller and named after Keith's grandmother. A classic OP tomato, highly recommended."  Heritage Tomato Seed 

Click here for picture and more information.

"This family heirloom variety produces an abundance of deep pink tomatoes that are just huge and brimming with luscious flavor. The plant's potato-leaved foliage may remind you of Brandywine, but this one matures fruit that are earlier, larger, and more plentiful than those of Brandywine. German Giant tomatoes are smooth in shape, 2 lbs. or more, and full of that rich but sweet taste that make a tomato scrumptious." Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Old-time favorite with large, beefsteak-shaped, dark pink fruits. Excellent yields of fine-flavored, crack-free fruits, weighing 1 to 2 pounds."  Text from Totally Tomatoes.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"A long-time flavor favorite from Virginia and North Carolina. The large 12 to 24 ounce fruits have pink skins and yellow shoulders with very mild, low acid, meaty flesh and few seeds. One of the 4 parent lines of Mortgage Lifter." J. W. Jung Seed Co.

"This heirloom was brought into the seed store a few years ago by a local gentleman who had been saving this tomato for many years. His family brought this variety to the USA when they immigrated here. The fruit are the size of a small egg, vibrant pink, sugar sweet, and begging to be eaten. Perfectly sized for salads or putting in the lunchbox!"  Text and picture from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

"They average 10 ozs., but can grow to 1 lb. or more. Tomatoes are meaty with an excellent taste that is on the acid side."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.


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