Huge, sweet fruits average 1 to 2 lbs. and have weighed in at nearly 5 lbs. Dark pink fruits have smooth blossom ends and a low-acid, mild flavor, so sweet that some growers use them to make wine.

"What a gorgeous tomato. My first one coming out of the garden was all I needed to justify the name it was given. Colors of green, and red with the stripes very prominent make this one a visual winner. But the taste is the real bonus. You get rich tomato flavor with a good measure of sweetness. Didn’t find anyone who said they didn’t like it. I tried this one on BLT’s and they were great. Chopped up in a salsa, they really stood out. Salads were better both from the visual side and the taste well. This is another one that didn’t seem to give any small fruits. All were the same size you see in the picture."  Muddy Bucket Farms

Click here for picture and more information.

This very early salad-sized tomato has a remarkable sweet flavor for an extra early type. Developed in Sweden, Glacier has a small determinate plant habit and is suited for postage stamp gardens and raised beds. Deep red 2.5 - 3 inch tomatoes.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

This is a new released hybrid from Burpee.  They say it will produce lots of 8 oz. oval fruit with "zesty Italian flavor".  The compact plant should do well in a container as well as in an open garden.  Plus it is said to be resistant to blossom end rot! 

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"This whopper is unbelievably early for its size. The large yellow fruit have an interior blush of red and weigh over 1 pound, some reaching 2 pounds. Full, sweet, low acid tomato flavor."  Text from Territorial Seed Co.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Among the first to ripen, fruit is amazingly sweet. Plants are compact but very productive early, but fade out by late summer. Great for containers, or for the first ripe tomatoes in the neighborhood.

Offered this year because of customer request, Golden Boy is reported to be a heavy producer of round very sweet golden yellow 8-9 ounce fruit on a vigorous plant.  Picture from Hazard's Seed Company.

"Distinctly different from other Golden Queens commonly sold, this is from a strain obtained from the USDA seed bank, and is the original Golden Queen described by the seedsman Livingston in 1882. Tomatoes are 8 to 12 ozs. and yellow with a pronounced pink blush on the blossom end extending up toward the stem end. What makes this one better than the common solid yellow Golden Queen is its superior flavor. It is delicious, with a full tomato taste that is also sweet and most pleasant." Tomato Growers Supply

This may be the best replacement for the hybrid Italian Gold that I liked, but cannot get seeds for anymore. Indeterminate plants produce buckets of dandelion yellow, 3 inch long, meaty fruit on concentrated clusters of 4-5. Of course it is good for gourmet sauces, and its color and flavor make it excellent for salsa, but I like to eat the fruit fresh.

"Appropriately named, this variety does bear giant fruit. Strong, vigorous plants yield large to huge red fruit with the classic beefsteak shape and flavor. Tomatoes are solid with few seeds. Up to 3 lbs."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"A gorgeous yellow-gold variation on our much-sought-after red Goliaths, with plenty to bring to the table in its own right - big juicy fruits, mild and sweet, with a medium-soft texture and a mouthwatering juiciness when ripe. Large, 7 to 8 oz. fruits can be harvested when they first rurn yellow, or left on the vine until they reach a brilliant shade of gold."  Text and picture from Totally Tomatoes.

"This family heirloom variety has large, pointed red paste tomatoes that are meaty and flavorful, just right for cooking into sauce or chopping up for fresh use. Expect abundant harvests, as these plants are prolific."  Text and picture From Tomato Growers Supply.

"Heirloom flavor with hybrid production, uniformity, and disease resistance. Grandma's Pick has an old time look with attractive, large, squat, pleated fruit averaging 3 1/2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall. Their color is a striking orange/red on the shoulders that deepens to bright red at the bottom. Healthy, indeterminate plants yield plentiful harvests of these robust, slightly sweet fruit with a rich, true tomato flavor. Grandma's Pick boasts a high lycopene content. Excellent field holding capacity."  Text and picture from Territorial Seed Company.

"Long, grape-like clusters of brilliant red elongated cherry tomatoes. Very sweet, complex flavor is delicious and has made these tomatoes a favoirte of people everywhere. Crack-resistant and tolerant of heat and a number of tomato diseases."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"… Beautiful, large white beefsteak tomato with sweet flavor and lots of juice. Fruit is larger than that of White Beauty. Vigorous plants have heavy foliage that provides good protection against sunscald ..." Tomato Growers Supply

It is no secret that I greatly enjoy tomato sandwiches. So when I read this description from, I had to try it. Sure hope you will also! "An heirloom tomato originally from Crete. Large, 4", 16 oz., pink beefsteak tomatoes borne from big, sprawling, regular leafed tomato plants. Big, complex flavors. A good sandwich tomato."  Picture from Krowacrea.

"This is a potato-leaved variety that takes the well-known sweet, spicy flavor of green varieties up to a new level. Tomatoes weigh from 12 to 18 ozs. and are ripe when they turn chartreuse green and soften slightly. They are smooth and beautiful with no cracking, but it is their taste that really sets them apart. It is a complex and delicious combination of sweet and spicy that is very rich, well-balanced and pleasing."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Large grape-sized fruit are pale green with hint of yellow when ripe. They are juicy and very pleasant tasting.

"New! This little striped jewel is loaded with sublime sweetness & taste. A perfect addition to salads, salsas and even desserts! The small fruit have lovely light green flesh. Plants are quite productive over a long season. A new favorite at our farm."  Text and picture from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

"A unique and delicious salad tomato. 3 oz. green fruits ripen to amber-green with darker green stripes. The light green flesh is very flavorful, sweet yet zingy." Tomato Growers Supply

"Named for the Gypsies who live in Russia, this is one of the deepest, purplest, maroon tomatoes we have ever grown. It has a gorgeous color and good taste. Perfect, medium-sized globe fruit make this one of the nicest dark varieties. A lovely and colorful introduction from the great Soviet plant breeders."  Text and picture from Baker Creek

Large black (dark purple) with green shoulders. Ronald Rodgers, a tomato friend in New York, sent me a few seeds to try. Very limited number of plants.  Picture from Marianna's.

Requested by health conscious growers because it has 50% more lycopene than most tomatoes. The large (4 to 6 ounce) plum-shaped fruit excellent for salads or cooking.

"Go ahead - turn up the heat - this variety actually performs better when it's hot! Bred for hot and humid tropical climates, Heatmaster has the ability to set fruit under higher temperatures better than other varieties. Produces exceptional yields of large, 7 ounce, firm fruits that have a good shelf life. Fruits are an attractive, deep red color and deep oblate in shape. Excellent for fresh eating. Good disease resistance."  hpsseeds  Click here for image.

They claim this Heinz out produces other paste types in cool weather. 3 1/2 - 4 foot plants will give you an abundance of 3 to 3 1/2 inch firm fleshed deep red fruits just right for juice, paste and/or salsa.  Picture from Territorial Seed Company.

"Huge bicolored tomato is yellow-orange with red streaking. Fruits have sweet and fruity flavor and usually weigh from 1 to 2 lbs."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Small indeterminate plants that require little if any prunning. Grow in patio containers for excellent yields of sweet, delicious red tomatoes." Harris Seeds

"These delicious “Roma” style container tomatoes are bred for extra-heavy yields on space-saving 3 ft. plants. Ideal to grow in large pots or in smaller garden spaces. You’ll have an abundance of plump fruits bursting with juicy flavor, delicious right from the garden or made into rich, thick, homemade sauce. Perfect to eat fresh; make sauce or grill; to put up in jars; or just freeze ​..."  Renee's Garden

Sent to me by a new tomato friend, Bill Jeffers. Described as "Similar to but better than Cherokee purple. Earlier, smoother, better sets."  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Beautiful 6 to 8 oz. beefsteak tomatoes are uniquely colored, beginning as a stuning true blue where sunlight strikes the skin atop a bottom side of green. As they ripen fully, the purple deepens and eventually turns more reddish. That is when they develop their excellent flavor and are ready to harvest." Tomato Growers Supply

"A new and unique indigo tomato, this one features lovely white cherry tomatoes splashed with purple on their shoulders. Large harvests of tomatoes are packed with a delicate but complex flavor and are also resistant to sunburn and cracking. As a bonus, fruit hold up well on the plant once ripened and even after picking. Bred by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms."  Tomato Growers Supply

Claimed to be the darkest tomato ever, these 1-2 oz. fruits will turn a deep purple/red - the more sunlight exposure the darker the fruit. An eye-popper! Caution: fruit turns purple weeks before becoming ripe. Picture from Hazzard's Seeds.

Isis Candy fruits are golden-yellow fruit with red marbling and deliver a complex blend of richness, sweetness, and fruitiness. Wonderful for fresh eating (eat them like candy) and in salads.

I seldom put "good taste" and "paste/roma" in the same sentence except for Italian Gold. I really enjoyed eating these yellow/gold jewels right off the vine. Territorial Seed catalog used to describe it as a cooking tomato, saying "The bright gold color of this Roma-style tomato will give you some of the richest, thickest homemade sauce you have ever made. Italian Gold is a compact, determinate plant that is highly disease resistant."

"Beautiful, huge heirloom form Italy. Plants are completely loaded with fruits weighing over a pound, one of the most productive varieties we have grown. Excellent full tomato flavor. Easy to peel, ideal for slicing and canning, very little waste." Seed Savers Exchange

"Italian Roma produces 5-6 ounce elongated oblate, bright red fruit.  Heavy crown set with high sugars.  Perfect for sauce, paste and salsa."  Text and picture from Sustainable Seed Company.

It's large, about 8 oz, pear shaped, mahogony and black with green shoulders. They have absolutely no defects of any kind and taste terrific. It's one of the prettiest tomatoes I've yet to come across.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"2013 All-America Winner. Jasper Hybrid Tomato has an outstanding disease resistance package that results in extended harvests of this delightful little tomato, something you'll appreciate after sampling the fruit. The small, round 3/4 inch fruits have a sweet, rich flavor and pleasant creamy texture you'll enjoy. Disease resistances include early blight, Septoria Leaf Spot, fusarium races 1 and the dreaded late blight."  Text and picture from Totally Tomatoes.

The "C-Tex" stands for Conroe, Texas, the origin or this variety.  We have two grandsons living in Texas.  Now you know why I am trying it!  The heat tolerant plant yields large deep red fruit. 

Click here for picture and more information.

Grape-sized fruits have a sweet flavor I really enjoy and think you will also! Disease-resistant vines bear multiple clusters of 15-30 fruit that resist cracking. Picture from Hazzard's Seeds.

These true yellow bite-sized fruits grow in groups of 15 to 30 per cluster, and can be harvested later in the season than most as they resist racking and give excellent flavor, Picture from Hazzard's Seeds.

"This variety was made popular many years ago by a seed company that is no longer in business. Many gardeners still remember fondly this prolific variety with 4 to 6 inch long, tapered red fruits shaped like banana peppers. The tomatoes are very meaty and sweet with few seeds -- great for sauces, salsas, or even eating fresh. Color is a gorgeous bright red and yield is impressive."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Gardeners rate this variety as excellent, especially for its superior, very pleasant taste. Heavy yields of 8 oz. firm, meaty fruit that is generally free of cracks. Vines offer good foliage cover. Not recommended for canning as Jet Star is low in acid.

"A real beauty, full size, red ripe 8 oz. fruits are packed with flavor and disease resistance. We really like the fruit quality and round shape for easy slicing. Jetsetter's vigorous vines start producing early and keep going until frost." Nichols Garden Nursery

"…this heirloom variety is renowned for its earliness, enormous production and long bearing season. Bright red, meaty smooth fruits weigh 4 to 5 oz. and have very good flavor. Great for fresh eating and canning." Totally Tomatoes  Picture from Reimer Seeds.

"Abundant clusters of 1.5 ounce pink fruit that is delicious, juicy, and sweet. This one is a prolific bearer, typically offering 10-14 tomatoes per cluster."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"… vigorous vines. The 1 oz. fruit is about twice the size of a Grape tomato, but is shaped like a grape or elongated plum with a different taste and texture. Juliet's wonderful, full tomato flavor is high in both acid and sugar ... expect incredible yields..."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"...these uniform, high-shouldered, beefy red slicers set early and continuously, for ample, season-long harvests. We found Katana's flavor rich and full, having an almost sparkling character. … 3 1/2 inch wide by 2 - 2 3/4 inch deep."   Text and picture from Territorial Seed Company

"Lovely, pale-orange fruits are solid and meaty throughout, packed with mild, superb-tasting flesh. A long-season producer of large, beefsteak-type fruits, up to 16 oz., with solid centers that have just a few seeds at the edges. Very desirable!" Totally Tomatoes catalog

"These cherry tomatoes are borne on a truss of 6-8 fruits, all consistently ripe at the same time!" Territorial Seed Co.


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