"Orange Paruche excels in productivity and taste with astonishing quantities of brilliant, glowing orange fruit that are irresistible and vitamin-packed. The 1 inch round fruit crowd branched trusses on the semi-determinate, vigorous plants."  Text and picture from Territorial Seed Company.

I have been looking for a replacement orange cherry since we lost the Jenny hybrid, and Orange Sunshine could be it. They appear to produce beautiful bright orange, round, 1/2 oz. cherries that are "firm and as sweet as the ever popular Sungold."  Picture from Totally Tomatoes.

"These golden, 2-bite morsels are brimming with juicy sweetness and just a hint of zest. Absolutely irresistible for snacking or quartered on salads, the crack-resistant fruit have smooth, surprisingly thin skin the color of a glowing desert sunset. Indeterminate plants produce trusses of 6 or more 2 1/4 by 1 3/4 inch fruit."  Territorila Seed Company  Picture from Hazzard's Seeds.

This now-famous determinate, slicing variety was developed at Oregon State University. Oregon Spring will produce incredibly early yields of 6-7 ounce oval tomatoes that will ripen even in cool spring tempretures.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Large, vigorous, determinate vines will produce huge fruit, 3 inches wide by 5 inches long when well grown. ... Makes the most thick and creamy tomato juice we have seen." Territorial Seed Company

"An old-fashioned favorite with heart-shaped pink fruits up to an amazing 2 lbs. Firm, meaty, solid flesh."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"This dwarf variety is one of America's most popular varieties ever for growing on patios, decks, courtyards, or wherever garden space is limited. Plants only become about 2 ft. tall, but produce large harvests of bright red, 3 to 4 ounce flavorful tomatoes. Outstanding for growing in containers - one that measures at least 12 inches wide works best." Tomato Growers Supply

Named for Russian opera signer, this tomato is smooth, rich in "fruity" flavor. Firmer and less cracking than many blacks, but with that wonderful fruity flavor.

"Seeds of Change Original. Highest Vitamin C cherry tomato we've found. Uniquely high in gamma-amino butyric acid, a body sedative that calms jitters. Tresses continuously grow many delicious red (occasionally yellow) fruits. Sow seed in flats indoors and plant out in garden in 6-8 weeks when all danger of frost has passed. Plant in rows 24-36 inches apart. Needs trellising. Harvesting tips. Pick individual fruits as they ripen. When frost threatens, entire plant can be lifted, including roots, and hung upside down indoors to ripen remaining fruits." Seeds of Change

From Russia. True to it's name, this is the firmest round tomato I have grown. It would make great sauce or paste, but if you want tomato taste without a lot of juice in salads or for sandwiches, this would be a good choice.

"Beautiful, golden-orange tomatoes have one of the best flavors of all orange tomatoes. Average 5 in. diameter and between 1 and 2 lbs., quite meaty with few seeds." Tomato Growers Supply

"This heirloom tomato is a standout in everyone's garden. Bicolored red and yellow fruit grows very large, up to 2 lbs., and is streaked with red both inside and out. The flavor is wonderful - rich, fruity and sweet." Tomato Growers Supply

"Excellent sweet flavor. Pink Bumble Bee is an alluring combination of light pinks, yellows and oranges and is great in a mix with the other Artisan varieties." Round 3/4 ounce fruits. The Bumble Bee Series will add color and taste excitement to your salads and snack trays." Text from Johnny's Select Seeds. Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"A longtime favorite variety with pink fruit up to a whopping 2 lbs. Firm and meaty, low in acid. To prevent sunscald, grow the large, vigorous vines in wire cages."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Excellent balanced sweet and acidic flavor. Pretty dark pink tomatoes with contrasting lighter striping are great in mixes with the other Artisan varieties." Johnnys Select Seeds Large grape fruit appear to be about two inches long.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"New! Gorgeous cherry tomatoes to about 2 oz. These beauties are pink with usually faint green-to-orange stripes. Tasty and so productive! One of the exciting new varieties this year that really is amazing looking! Grown from Ukrainian seed."  Text and picture from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

"A beautiful yellow tomato with faint white stripes, bushed with dark blue-purple pigment. The fruits are exotic in appearance and also have very good flavor. Medium sized fruits weigh several ounces. Plants bear well and fruits color blue best when exposed to direct sunlight as they ripen."  Text and picture from Trade Winds Fruit


"The Italian heirloom that is famous for sun drying. Small 1-2 oz. grape-shaped fruit are very dry and have few seeds. They have a rich tomato taste that is wonderful for sauces. Determinate vines yield clusters of fruit in abundance, perfect for selling in fresh markets and making specialty products."  Text from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Potato leaf vines set out 10 to 16 oz. dark, dusty pink fruits, very similar to Brandywine, only 10 days earlier. This is another favorite of many tomato enthusiasts." Marianna's

"Excellent sweet flavor. Purple Bumble Bee is an eyecatching combination of the dusky purple seen in heirloom tomatoes with metallic green striping." Johnnys Select Seeds. Round 3/4 ounce fruits. The Bumble Bee Series will add color and taste excitement to your salads and snack trays.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"This is the most truly purple tomato we know, not just pink-purple, but it is deep purple-burgundy. It is also uniquely shaped, extremely fluted and almost ruffled in appearance. Fruit is flattened, about 3 inches across, and flavor is described by some as distinctively winey and rich."  Text and picture from Tomato Grower's Supply.

"Plum-shaped fruits are 3-4" long and weigh 6 ounces. Great taste, sweet and meaty. Very productive, good cold tolerance. One of the best purplish-black tomatoes for markets since it does not crack or have bad shoulders."  Text from Seed Savers Exchange.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

TomaroFest sent me these seeds free so I only know what I have read.  Compact plants with patato leaves are said to produces good flavored two inch bright red fruits.  Great choice for container growing as plant seldom gets more than four to five feet high.  Click here for more information.

"Ranger made a big hit with us at our trial grounds, proving to be one of the healthiest and most productive roma type tomato plants. The determinate plants are extraordinarily prolific, and provide plenty of leaf coverage to protect crops from sunscald."  Text and picture from Territorial Seeds

"Just like its fairy tale namesake, Rapunzel puts out long, cascading trusses, each with up to 40 sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes that keep coming all summer long. The long stems are quite impressive when picked fully loaded with tomatoes, which can be enjoyed individually as they ripen."   Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply

Laurie, my summer intern, highly recomeds Rebel Yell.  Medium sized, great tasting medium sized fruit on patato leafed plants.  More info  Picture from Marianna's.

"Traceable to Chiapas, Mexico. Delicious, thin-skinned, ruffled fruits resemble miniature beefsteak tomatoes. Documented by William Woys Weaver as appearing in a 1793 painting by Raphael Paele of Philadelphia." Seeds of Change  Picture from Sustainable Seeds.

This is a good, generic red cherry tomato that will yield lots of about one inch bright red fruits for snacking or salads.  Picture from Seed Savors Exchange.

".A different plant species, Lycospericon pimpinfolium, than garden tomatoes, but capable of crossing with them. Pea-sized fruits - just 1/4" in diameter - possess a crunchy, fruity flavor that is ideal for salads and snacks. More vigorous vines than the shattering-type, 15 to 20 fruits are produced per branching cluster, with loads of flowers putting on a show in late June."  Text and picture from Totally Tomatoes.

Limited supply.  Seeds sent to me for trail.  Said to need no staking.  Produces medium to large red fruit on sturdy vines with heavy foliage that protect fruit from sun scald, so especially good if we have a hot summer.  More info and picture sorce.

Miniature pear-shaped tomatoes are 1 3/4 to 2 inches long and bright red. Flavorful and sweet, they are great for salads.  Picture from Tomato Gorwers Supply.

Sturdy but very compact plants are great for sunny windows. 12-18 inch plants will be loaded with 1 in. red fruits. Great for office or small appartment.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Gorgeous 2 1/2" round fruits are blood-red overlaid with jagged carrot-orange stripes. Top quality uniform strain, very productive. Slightly tart flavor." Seed Savers Exchange

Reported to yield a good crop of one pound yellow-red striped fruits that deliver excellent taste. my friend Roger. The discription given is brief - 12 to 18 ounce purplish black fruit with very good flavor. But for every Roger's sake I wanted to give it a try. Picture from Marianna's.

"One of the most popular varieties for paste, sauces and canning. Compact vines yield large harvests of 3 in. long, bright red fruit ... Thick-walled and solid with few seeds."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Spectacular smooth iridescent yellow fruits that are 2" wide by 4" long. Very meaty with nice flavor. One of the few pure-yellow bananna-shaped fruits available to gardeners. Great for making salsa base or tomato sauce. ..." Seed Savers Exchange

"Heirloom from the Amish in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Large, meaty, dusty rose colored fruits. Great taste, rivals Brandywine. Strong healthy plants with lots of leaf cover." Seed Savers Exchange

"The fruits are oblate, ranging from 6to 12 ounces, and ripen to a deep purple-pink color.  Flavor is full, intense, balanced and delicious."  Victory Seeds

"This Russian heirloom variety is aptly named as it bears fruit as pretty as a rose. The tomatoes are large rose-pink globes with excellent, sweet, full tomato flavor. The average size is usually about 12 ozs. with meaty flesh. Expect a good sized crop of these top-quality tomatoes."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Gardeners throughout the country are rediscovering this old-fashioned classic for its terrific flavor and productivity. This strain has some disease resistance, which ensures large crops of crack-free, bright red 6-8 oz. tomatoes with delicious old-time taste. For many years, this was a favorite for canning because of its abundance, juiciness and deep red color through and through. Developed in the 1920's, but just right for today's gardens too."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Huge, deep red beefsteak tomatoes are blemish-free and very well shaped for such large fruit. Their flavor is superb, sweet yet rich and deep with solid, meaty interiors. They weigh about 1 lb., but often become much larger." Tomato Growers Supply

"A little later than Roma, with superb flavor in slightly rectangular-shaped fruits that are bright red and hang in large clusters. Holds well on the vine and in storage." Totally Tomatoes

Admitedly I am not a paste tomato fan. I like mine juicy. But San Marzano has caught my taste buds attention. So when I read that there is the same taste available in a much larger package, 2 1/2 inches wide, 7 inches long, I want to see and taste it myself. Yes, it is a late season one, so don't bet all your sauce/salsa recipes on just this one. But if you are up to a tomato adventure, you just might like to try it, too.

This one was highly recommended to me because of its size and flavor, so I want to give it a try. Named for a mountain in Bergamo, the fruit is larger than San Marzano. It is reported to be meaty enough for cooking, but with flavor that will have us eating it fresh. Being indeterminate and flavorful should make it great for salsa.  Picture from Victoriana Nursery.

"Gardeners who grow Santiam for the first time are always surprised by its earliness and size. Smaller, but maturing a full week ahead of its sister, Oregon Spring, these rich, delicious 2-3 inch fruit are beautifully round and red."  Text and picture from Territorial Seed Company

"An excellent variety from Russia. Seeds were given to Bill McDorman when in Irkutsk, Siberia in 1989, by his dear Siberian friend Sasha who claimed this variety that he grew in his garden in the Altai Shan mountain range was the "best tomato in all of Siberia." Sasha's Altai was selected by Organic Garden Magazine as one of the 10 best early producing tomatoes in the world. Sasha's Altai is a hearty tomato plant that produces very good yields of 4-6 oz., thinned-skinned, bright-red, slightly flattened, round tomatoes with an award-winning complex flavor. Fruit sets well in cooler coastal climates and high altitudes. Excellent for canning, salads and making tomato juice. " TomatoFest

"Paste tomato, very productive of plum-shaped fruits. Compact plants. Fruit quality holds on or off the vine. Easy to peel. Fruits are sparsely seeded making them a good choice for home canning."  Text from Nichols Garden Nursery

"Red paste tomatoes up to 6-in. long are very meaty and perfect for mixing in with canning tomatoes or adding to catsup to provide body." Tomato Growers Supply

'Huge red heart-shaped tomatoes are absolutely luscious, hefty and solid but still delicate inside with superb juicy flavor. Their shape may vary from an elongated globe to a true heart shape, but we still call this an oxheart for its wispy foliage and the fruit's meaty texture. Slice these for dinner, or when the harvest brings too many, cook them into a richly flavored sauce."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.


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